Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week 1- Blog Makeover Winner

Today I would like to announce the winner of this weeks Blog Makeover!  I am so excited to work with her on creating a Blog that refelects her and her ventures in the Blogashere.  
And the winner is LaRonda Johnson at
She is a Christian author and has a new book out called Anticipation of Penitent.  Please visit her site to find out more about her book giveaway.

If you didn't win this week that is okay there are five weeks left just keep me on your following and listen out for the next entry.  It will have directions on how to stay in the giveway by simply staying one of my followers.... with maybe one or two tweets about the giveaway!  Talk to you soon!  Working on another site almost to completion can't wait to the reveal.


  1. Thank you, Richetta. I'm looking forward to discussing with you options I have with tweeking and improving the look of my blog.

  2. I won the blog make-over by Richetta Blackmon and am very happy with the changes she made. She responded quickly and with professionalism to every question or suggestion I had. Although I liked the look of my blog before hand, I knew it was a bit convoluted and I didn't know the best way to put the information in that I wanted. She took my requests and desires for the blog and turned my blog into something that is easier to navigate and has the feel and look I wanted. She did a great job.