Friday, November 9, 2012

Welcome to Genesis Creations!

Genesis Creations is a Blog Design and Consulting Company that is dedicated to assisting the creative and informative needs of the Blogging Community!  I am here to Create, Design and Support!  My desire is to make your Blog reflect your voice.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made and surely our Blogs are too.  I have grown to love creating and designing for my own blog’s and online media and would like to share my new found talent with you.  Although there is a cost associated the fees are minimal and very impressive in comparison to the prices that I found when I was looking for help.

In a nutshell I could not afford any of them so when all else fells DIY! However sometimes that option is not possible, the Lord just happened to reveal to me how to DIY.  Some things are DIY and others are DIWH – Do it with help!

Since I am a newly launched company and designer, I will be offering a free blog Makeover to two customers a week until December 15. Merry Christmas!   First come first serve basis must follow a few supportive steps!   In addition to that all Blog Design services will be 50% off until 2013! 

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