Friday, November 23, 2012

Week 2- Blog Makeover Winner

Sorry for the delay!!  Hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving!  Today I would like to announce the winner of this week’s Blog Makeover!  I was so busy on Thursday, Morning and I told my son to get the white bag from my desk and shake it up.  He was a good sport but really didn't know why he had to do this...

And the winner is Wendy at

I am so excited to work with her on creating a Blog that reflects her and her ventures in the Blogashere.  She has three blogs, Wall to Wall Books is a Book Review Blog with other awesome content.  She has lots of insight on what she has read.  Check her out and find something great to read!  She also does giveaways, my favorite!

If you didn't win this week that is okay there are four weeks left just keep me on your following and listen out for the next entry.  It will have directions on how to stay in the giveaway by simply staying one of my followers.... with maybe one or two tweets about the giveaway!  Talk to you soon! 



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